Gerardo Buendía.
Sin título. 2023. Fotografía digital.

And therefore since 
the beginning I could see
only two ways this may
develop, as if the most 
inquired circumstance 
was the fracture of my 
own heart into the wildest 
scream near the ocean 
and so vulnerable as the 
rocks alongside the shore. 

So I quit, this love ain’t 
for me, and time is a bitch 
and somehow I can’t prevent 
my heart for the aching it 
must experience alongside 
this heartbreak, so I quit
cause I can’t see how this 
can end with me and you 
together, I can’t see anything
so this love must have an end. 

I can’t ask the wildness in my 
soul for a recovery as fast 
as the way I fell in love with you 
so I’m just asking for the pain 
to be as strong and quiet as 
it can be, for me to move on.
I know I must feel like the air 
is dense enough for me to 
not being able to breathe
but I also ask for closure.

In your face I can’t see 
the love I wish for, the love 
I have for you, and the sky 
is crying cause it witnessed 
the possibility of a love that 
can heal the brokenness in 
the world, a love that it can’t be 
but sure as hell that if there was 
hope, then that love will be remembered 
so therefore it will be removed slowly. 

No sé para que publico, de todas formas no ves mis indirectas.