Gerardo Buendía.
Sin título. 2021. Fotografía digital.

The air is cold, it’s like the 
weather is finally getting 
the best of me, and it 
hurts to see, and it hurts 
to breathe, I can’t hide 
the brokenness in my heart 
so you will be witness of a 
wound that you didn’t mean 
to cause, but it bleeds and 
stings as painful as if it was 
the wound of a soldier in 
the battlefield, so your 
smile will always cause the 
same effect in the back of 
my brain, the same excitement 
and happiness that days prior 
to this poem where unthinkable.

So I must let go, even when my 
heart is asking me to stay and wait 
but this time it can’t wait, cause 
I can feel the dagger getting closer 
to my heart and I can feel the sun 
beginning to fade into the dark and 
wild night that promises calm and 
a old scarf to protect me from the 
winter, if this was pure excitement 
I ask the universe to stop putting 
an smile on my face when I see you, 
to stop spinning slowly at the thought
of your hand pressed against mine, 
and finally I will ask my heart to stop 
beating so fast, to stop feeling at least 
for a while, let me get back the coldness 
so I can able to confront this. 

No sé para que publico, de todas formas no ves mis indirectas.